EFT is a fantastic tool - for any therapist, for any human being.

I have been an EFT practitioner since 2005, and have used it more in my work with each year that passes.  The more I use it, the more I see its value as a means to deal with what life throws at us (and with what life has already thrown at us).  In deciding to become a trainer in EFT, I wanted to offer the best and most thorough training I could.  So, it was important to me to find someone who a) did excellent training of their own, and b) had a thorough and complete training programme for trainers in EFT.  It was very clear after some research that this person was founding EFT Master Gwyneth Moss.  Over the course of 2010, I attended multiple trainings with Gwyneth, in addition to the specialised trainer training days.  As a result of this, I now feel that I can offer you training in EFT that focuses on making sure you can practice the technique as effectively and with as much confidence as is possible.  I only offer trainings in small groups (a maximum of 9 people for EFT Level 1 and 8 people for EFT Level 2 & 3), because I want to make sure that everyone has the time and attention they need to make the most of the course.  I chose the training venue I use because it is a quiet, peacful, comfortable place where we are not disturbed by other activities, and have plenty of rooms for practice in small groups.

Please note: EFT may not change your life!  EFT is not a 'magic bullet' that can cure all known ills and instantly transform your life into the one you have always wanted.  EFT is a tool, that when used with skill and sensitivity, can introduce a greater level of freedom in your life - what you do with that tool is up to you!

The EFT training courses are exactly that - training courses, and not therapy weekends.  The course may be the start of something new, something quite profound, but that is in the technique and in what you choose to do with it, and not in the course.  You may experience some resolution in one or more of your personal issues during the weekend, and I hope you do.  However, the focus of the training is to give you the tools to help yourself and others, and the goal is that you leave being able to do EFT, and do it effectively.

You will take away your experience of EFT and use it in the environment from which you have come. If you are a therapist, you may use it (after Level 2) in your therapy work. If you are a mother or a father, you may use it with your kids. If you are a counsellor, you may use it in sessions with clients (after Level 2). If you are a friend and neighbour, you may introduce your friends and neighbours to the technique when they have problems. If you are a human being, you may use it when you have problems of your own…

EFT Level 1 is for everyone, whatever their background, to be able to learn the basics of EFT, so that they can use it for themselves, and help out friends and family with smaller issues.

EFT Level 2 is for people who want to build on that knowledge and experience, and learn refinements of EFT that will help them use the tool more deeply. People who wish to be an EFT practitioner are required to complete the elements detailed on the EFT Level 2 page. 

EFT Level 3 is for people who wish to develop their EFT skills to a more advanced level.  It is open to anyone who has attended a Level 2 training six months or more previously (it is possible to take Level 3 within a shorter period in certain circumstances, but it is much better to have had lots of practice).  You do not need to have completed practitioner certification to attend, but if you wish to apply for accreditation as an advanced practitioner, you must complete practitioner certification first.  Advanced Practitioner certification requires the completion of further elements, as with Practitioner certification.

I am an Accredited Certified Master Trainer with EFT International (formerly AAMET), the lead body for EFT training and registration in the UK and Europe, and my trainings offer EFTi certification at each level.