Trainee Comments



"Fantastic!  A great mix of knowledge, understanding and humour.  A course I would recommend without hesitation." - Libby Morrison, Lerwick

"I found Roushan's EFT Level 1 training to be knowledgeable, supportive, thorough and humorous. The focus is on learning EFT and applying it safely and ethically. I felt safe in Roushan's hands and feel there is a lot more I can learn from her. Highly recommended." - Dee Murray, Shiatsu practitioner, Edinburgh
“Roushan brings a wealth of skill and experience to her teaching. I attended this training to enhance my psychotherapy work and it exceeded all my expectations. Roushan’s many years of working with clients, her intuition and her obvious passion for her work shines though and makes this training even more valuable and enjoyable. I recommend this to everyone, whether you are just interested in learning EFT for self-care or for using in counselling and psychotherapy. It’s an essential life skill.” - Jen Wood, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Wellbeing Lab Manager, Edinburgh

" The level 3 advanced practitioner training with Roushan was fantastic. As a qualified practitioner, I felt fairly confident in my practice and was unsure whether level 3 would really make that much of a difference. How wrong I was! Level 3 training has helped me hugely. Level 3 is more focused on tools and techniques, giving you many more "ways in" to the problem. I feel more confident in my EFT repertoire and I came away feeling significantly better equipped to support my clients with a more tailored approach. The training was thorough, well thought out, easy to understand and very well structured. Roushan is a patient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer who ensures everyone in the group has a chance to be heard, ask questions and practice. There was an excellent mix of theory and hands on practice and feedback.  The training was well paced, and an excellent investment of time and money. I know that this training has significantly enhanced and informed my personal practice, and I know it will help me tremendously professionally too. I couldn't recommend this trainer, and advanced practitioner training highly enough." - LB, Edinburgh

"I completed Level 1 and 2 EFT training with Roushan.  What a fantastic experience!  Roushan is lovely and very engaging, making it a very enjoyable weekend.  The training was very thorough and I'm looking forward to becoming a practitioner more than ever.  Thank you again!" - Debbie Rose, Banchory

"I attended the level 1 EFT training at the weekend and I have already booked myself in for the level 2 and am really excited to continue my training. I found Roushan warm, helpful, engaging, patient and fun! Even though my attention span is usually totally divergent and my mind wanders during seated learning environments I found the entire weekend kept me engaged and interested and all the information was very easy to "get". The facts we needed to learn were given in bite sized chunks mixed with lots of tapping exercises and plenty of breaks. On a personal level I found the variety of tapping subjects very useful and healing to myself and I loved the positive results I helped my classmates achieve too! I felt completely trusting in Roushan's care and found it easy to take part in the class as the atmosphere felt safe, open minded, calm and relaxing. I am very much looking forward to level 2!" - Trudi Butler, Edinburgh
"The course exceeded my expectations!  Roushan was great - very funny, professional, encouraging and supportive." - Ashley Watson, Edinburgh

"I had a fantastic couple of days training with Roushan learning Emotional Freedom Technique.  The whole weekend was extremely enjoyable and relaxing and we had lots of opportunity for hands on practice and were provided with lots of reading material to refer back to.  Roushan's teaching skills have given me confidence to progress onto level 2." - Gillian McT, Edinburgh

"I thoroughly enjoyed completing my Level 1 EFT training with Roushan and would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in EFT. Roushan is an engaging, supportive and enthusiastic instructor. This ensured that everyone was provided with support and valuable feedback and encouragement during the practical sessions. I felt that there was a good mix of practical instruction, verbal instruction and group discussion over the course of the weekend and I left feeling confident in my ability to use EFT on myself, my friends and family. I really appreciated Roushan's emphasis on knowing one's own boundaries and using EFT in an appropriate manner for the level of training completed. I look forward to attending her Level 2 course." - Amanda Hunter, Reflexologist (IIR MAR), Birth Doula, Edinburgh

“A part of me HAD to know how to do EFT right, so I sought you out and learned so much about EFT and more from you. You are a gifted teacher, and it was a pleasure to learn with you. It was a surprise to me I came away capable, confident and knowing I could work with people in a life altering way.” - Beverley Roberts, Brechin

"Roushan offered us a safe space to learn EFT.  Her knowledge, approach and passion made for a rich learning environment where I wasn't afraid to ask questions or make the odd mistake.  I'm looking forward to undertaking the Level 2 training with Roushan soon." - Lorraine MacKenzie, Livingston

"I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about the course (not to mention a bit sceptical).  But Roushan is a superb teacher who made learning enjoyable, stimulating and worthwhile.  Through practical work, I saw how EFT could help others and myself.  A fascinating weekend which has been of real benefit." - Olga Wojtas, Edinburgh

"I am completely hooked!  or should I say I am unhooked!  We had to bring something that we crave that we wanted to stop or at least crave less so I took a bag of sugar!   After working with Roushan I really didn't want to drink my tea which had sugar in it which is so unlike me - I ended up pouring it down the sink and making tea without sugar.   I have to say I really have enjoyed learning about EFT, it feels very natural to me to tap which is bizarre as I have never done it before.  Roushan is the best teacher I have ever had out of all the courses I have been doing - she is so easy to learn from." - Suzanne Reid, Kilbirnie

"Thanks so much for a great course – as ever I learnt lots and you are an excellent trainer – engaging, approachable and fun and at the same time conveying the key messages about the learning ." - LH

"Roushan is a lovely and thorough teacher and encourages mistakes as part of learning. I found the course to be fun too and although I felt nervous at the thought of practicing the techniques, it was a valuable lesson and the only way to learn. Roushan would explain my mistakes without making me feel foolish. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it is very well constructed and presented, with course notes for reference later. I would definitely recommend Roushan to anyone considering learning EFT." - Beryl Nelson, Helensburgh

"Level 2 training with Roushan was great. She is really knowledgeable and really knows her subject area. What I liked the most were the demonstrations and the opportunity to do lots of practice sessions. If I hadn't done a practice session with doing EFT over the telephone, I would have written it off, but after the session I can really see how it can work - which opens up my market worldwide" - Nicola Dillon, Gourock

"I never knew learning could also be fun!  I'd recommend this course to anyone." -Alan MacDonald, Selkirk

"I am so pleased to have completed my EFT course level 1 and level 2 in Edinburgh with Roushan, the courses were interesting ,exciting and fun!  The course was well planned out and Roushan is very articulate at teaching the EFT methods, I feel more confident when practising EFT and I am looking forward to becoming a practitioner and hopefully help to change the lives of others in a positive way.  Thank you Roushan!" - Lorraine Fraser, Ibiza